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Vacation Inspiration for My Garden

Containers with flowers ,Warnemunde

I just returned from a cruise of the Baltic Sea.  My daughter is a musical theater actress and was performing on a cruise ship touring the sea.  The trip was a combination of getting to see her and visiting some very interesting cities that I had not considered before.

When traveling, I love to eat wonderful food, drink local wines, visit art museums, find local art to

Tree lined pathway, Rosenborg Castle Gardens

bring home and, of course, look at gardens and plants.  I am always impressed and inspired by both formal gardens and plants grown by local residents. 

On this trip, I discovered wonderful plants in  Warnemunde, Germany, St. Petersburg, Russia and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Warnemunde is a very small coastal German town, very much like my hometown of Rockport, Texas.  Many of their residents live above bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and shops.  They all have amazing container plants on their balconies.  It the same way I love to garden!

Balcony window boxes, Warnemunde

The largest art collection outside of the Louvre in Pars is in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.  The original building was built by Catherine the Great as her winter palace.  She expanded the palace over the years to house her personal art collection.  In between two of the buildings filled with amazing art, I found an equally amazing and beautiful courtyard garden.

In Copenhagen, I stumbled upon the Rosenborg Castle Gardens.  They are the oldest royal gardens

Rosenborg Castle from the gardens, Copenhagen

in the country and were designed in the Renaissance style.   I was fascinated by the pathways with stately groomed trees.  The gardens are used by more than 2.5 million people each year.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the plants and gardens from my trip and that they inspire you too!

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10/11/2018    Garden Journals