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Animal Repellents 101

Q: What has four legs, chews up your garden, then tries to act all cute and furry?

A: Deer and rabbits and other furry, not so helpful animals.


That’s right, Bambi and Thumper. They prance and hop around looking so innocent. Then, the moment you turn your back on the garden for a moment, they munch it right up, making off with the fruits of your labor. What’s a poor gardener to do? We love these adorable animals and don’t want to harm them. But really? There must be a way to keep them from destroying our gardens, and instead, encourage them to find lunch elsewhere.

There is!  Today there are a number of animal repellents that are extremely effective and will not harm animals. We’ve  screened more than we can count and have gathered the best. Many utilize safe, natural ingredients, such as garlic, egg and castor oil that smell or taste foul to the animals. Some smell like predators, making the area feel “scary” for prey animals.

Most wild animals that wander into our landscapes are creatures of habit; this is true of deer, rabbits, squirrels, gophers, mice and moles. This is also the case with uninvited domestic pets, neighborhood dogs and cats that are allowed to roam. Once these animals learn that your garden has something going on that they find unpleasant – either taste or smell – they’ll move on. With continued use, the natural repellents are very effective at keeping new and existing animals away from your garden.

Spray-N-Grow offers a variety of animal repellents that will restore your love for these cute, furry animals by keeping them at a distance.

Spray-N-Grow Animal Repellents

10/23/2013    Animal Repellent Tips