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With winter drawing to a close and spring rapidly approaching the time has come to select our plants for the season. If you are gardening just about anywhere there is … (read article)

2/13/2019    Garden Journals


As autumn sets in and the beginning of winter draws near we are faced with the question: what to plant in the winter garden? Of course there is the standard … (read article)

11/15/2018    Garden Journals

Spring Forward

It’s that time again! The days are getting longer, seedlings are sprouting in trays and garden boxes, and my pomegranate, fig, and pear trees are starting to dress themselves in … (read article)

4/5/2018    Garden Journals

Hurricane Winds & Floods Bring New Plant Life

If you live in an area affected by one of the recent hurricanes you have likely noticed some new arrivals in your lawn and garden. Strong weather events such as hurricanes and … (read article)

11/10/2017    Garden Journals

Arbor Delay

A friend of mine recently got me thinking about fruit trees.  Robin and I are next door neighbors with adjoining backyards and a mutual interest in growing food; we quickly … (read article)

8/22/2017    Garden Journals, Gardening Know-How

The Hand that Stills the Barley

Off the west coast of Scotland, the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides, lies an island whose economy relies almost entirely on the availability of a single crop. Barley is the … (read article)

7/21/2017    Garden Journals, Gardening Know-How

Turning Up The Heat

Hello friends! I want to apologize for my long absence. I have recently been overseas with extremely limited access to electricity and the Internet. It was a wonderful trip and … (read article)

6/21/2017    Garden Journals

More Than a Pretty Face: Flowers in the Edible Garden

By now, I’m sure you all have realized that I am a huge fan of growing food in whatever space is available. As the saying goes, #growfoodnotlawns. But if you … (read article)

5/15/2017    Garden Journals

The Gardener as Artist

Something I have always loved about gardening is the cultivation of a unique garden style. The potential combinations of individual elements are infinite, and none of them is inherently wrong. … (read article)

4/3/2017    Garden Journals

A New Leaf

Spring is in the air! I know that winter hasn’t let up for everyone just yet, but here in Central Texas, the trees are budding out, the wildflowers are popping … (read article)

2/27/2017    Starting Out