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Succulents having a very long moment in the sun

Succulents have become the cool kid in the garden during the last couple of years. Honestly, I thought the trend would wane, but the popularity of succulents is only growing … (read article)

9/11/2019    Garden Journals

For NYC plant lovers, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

On a recent trip to New York City to visit my daughter, I literally walked miles and miles throughout Manhattan. Of course, I noticed all the lovely plants along my … (read article)

7/10/2019    Garden Journals

Full Sun in Texas is not the same as in Maine

We all have bought a plant with the tag that indicates it needs 6+ hours of full sun.  Unfortunately, plant information tags do not consider the vast differences in the … (read article)

6/25/2019    Garden Journals

Gardening Lessons From My Cell Phone

As you may know from my prior blogs, I grow all my plants in containers and elevated raised beds. The flowers live on the upstairs deck. The vegetables and herbs … (read article)

6/4/2019    Garden Journals


At Spray-N-Grow, we divide the gardening season into three parts: dream, plant and love. I am starting the dream phase. As gardeners, we often spend as much time dreaming about … (read article)

1/9/2019    Garden Journals

Vacation Inspiration for My Garden

I just returned from a cruise of the Baltic Sea.  My daughter is a musical theater actress and was performing on a cruise ship touring the sea.  The trip was … (read article)

10/11/2018    Garden Journals

How Does My Garden Grow?

Gardeners always ask me, “what products do you use in your garden?”  We try to test every product we sell in a staff member’s garden. Of the more than 80 … (read article)

6/19/2018    Garden Journals

Oh My Vincas!

I am in love with my bed of vincas. They are planted in an elevated bed on my upstairs deck. I can see them from my bedroom and living room … (read article)

6/14/2018    Garden Journals

Recharging Potting Soil

Soil in pots, containers, and raised or elevated beds is more quickly depleted of nutrients than garden soil. Both are depleted by plants using nutrients but potting soil does not … (read article)

6/7/2018    Garden Journals

Hybrid versus Heirloom

This year I spent more time reading about plants and not just shopping for them. As I shared in my most recent blog, I purchased my tomato, pepper and herb … (read article)

3/15/2018    Garden Journals