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How To Mix The Perfect Blend

Mix Spray-N-Grow, Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer & Coco-Wet together for the ultimate in plant nutrition! Mixing a Quart: 1 qt. lukewarm water (80º – 100º F) 1/8 tsp. Coco-Wet 2 tsp. … (read article)

7/19/2018    Gardening Know-How, Spray-N-Grow: Learn More

Life After Harvey

Spray-N-Grow is located in the beautiful small town of Rockport, Texas.  Rockport took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey early Saturday morning, August 26. The Spray-N-Grow offices and warehouse were … (read article)

11/10/2017    Garden Journals

Protect Your Roses from Black Spot Disease

Black Spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses in many parts of the United States, targeting young leaves and newer canes. Here are some tips to limit this problem … (read article)

4/30/2014    Uncategorized

Set Yourself Up For Success!

For most of us, thoughts about this year’s garden leapfrog to “What exciting new varieties will I grow?” Wait, wait! Close your eyes. Think about the best gardener you know. The … (read article)

1/15/2014    Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here, Starting Out

My Choice – The Natural Way, by Bill Muskopf

Over the past few years I’ve become more convinced than ever that our food supply is contaminated by too many hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. A three day, “Sustainable Tree … (read article)

10/23/2013    Spray-N-Grow: Learn More