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Beauty is in the Eye of the Gardener

Since moving to Rockport, Texas to join Spray-N-Grow full time, I have gardened at three different homes. The first two were traditional homes with massive live oak trees in the front and back yards. There was enough sun to grow flowering plants in the front yards. The lack of sun limited the types of plants I could grow in the back yards. After a couple of failed attempts, I stopped trying to grow vegetables and learned to appreciate shade loving plants.

In my front yards, I became obsessed with any plant that would flower that the deer would not eat (Rockport is in a part of rural Texas with significant deer pressure). I love, love, love flowers! I planted every color I could find. Perennials were my favorite because they could endure the hot, Texas summer. They were beautiful and attracted butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. It was like jewelry for my yard.

My newest home is a condo with both a patio and a deck. On my upstairs deck, I continue to indulge in my love of flowers and can grow more varieties since it’s the second floor and truly deer proof.

The patio gets six hours of glorious sun and I plant vegetables in elevated beds and containers. I have fallen in love with the beauty of growing vegetables. The tiny, exquisite white and yellow flowers of peppers and tomatoes bloom and magically form little fruit. The majestic yellow flowers of squash and zucchini are gorgeous and bring a fruit with them. My cucumber vine is as pretty as any flowering vine and I have cute baby cucumbers, too.

My vegetable plants are just as beautiful as my flowers and I get delicious, healthy vegetables to eat. Beauty is truly in the eye of the gardener!

P.S. We love getting your flowers photos but would love to see more of your beautiful vegetables and fruit.

5/1/2017    Garden Design