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Cloning Rose Bushes 101

Perhaps your mother was a great gardener or maybe she just had success with that one gorgeous rose along the back fence. Either way the plant was amazing. Healthy, vigorous, … (read article)

3/23/2014    Flower Gardening & Design Tips, Gardening Know-How

Grow a Cutting Garden and Become Your Own Florist

Ever feel guilty when you cut flowers in your garden, concerned that you’re destroying nature’s beauty or leaving gaps in your flowerbeds? Then consider planting a cutting garden designed to … (read article)

1/3/2014    Flower Gardening & Design Tips, Garden Design

Love that Fragrant Lilac? Clone More.

Cloning Plants Is Easy, Economical and Preserves Horticultural History Our friend owns an historic home, a lovely place that’s over 100 years old. The landscape is well established and the … (read article)

10/23/2013    Flower Gardening & Design Tips, Gardening Know-How

Add an Outdoor Room to Your Living Space

Ever notice how when people see a beautiful garden they want to stop, breathe in the fragrance, admire the vivid colors and linger a while? You can make the beauty … (read article)

10/22/2013    Flower Gardening & Design Tips, Garden Design