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Sheet Composting: My Introduction to Organic Gardening

I am a 75 year old retired Pastoral Counselor. My avocation for the past 33 years has been ‘organic gardening’. However, I was introduced to organic gardening at age 6. … (read article)

2/22/2017    Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here

Creating Healthy Soil (the Secret to All Great Landscapes)

Cooperative Extension, with it’s helpful group of regional garden experts associated with universities across the county, believes that 80% of plant problems can be traced back to soil that “limits … (read article)

3/23/2014    Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here, Starting Out

Set Yourself Up For Success!

For most of us, thoughts about this year’s garden leapfrog to “What exciting new varieties will I grow?” Wait, wait! Close your eyes. Think about the best gardener you know. The … (read article)

1/15/2014    Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here, Starting Out

Making Rich, Clean Compost

Simple Composting Concepts and Considerations Seasoned gardeners often refer to compost as “black gold” because the value of good quality compost is huge. Wherever you live, compost can improve your … (read article)

1/3/2014    Gardening Know-How, Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here

Dress Your Soil for Summer (Naked Isn’t Good)

By the time summer arrives, your plants are already settled in the ground, happily growing. So gardeners often think “That’s it. I’ll have to wait until next spring to help beef … (read article)

10/22/2013    Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here, Starting Out

Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil

If you were trapped with insufficient food and water, could you be your best? How about if there was little light, dusty stale air and not enough room to grow? … (read article)

10/22/2013    Fertilizing: Feed Me, Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here