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I grew up eating molasses mixed with butter on toast or biscuits. My grandmother made “Egg Butter” by mixing molasses, egg, cinnamon, and butter in a skillet, cooking it until … (read article)

5/19/2017    Uncategorized

Protect Your Roses from Black Spot Disease

Black Spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses in many parts of the United States, targeting young leaves and newer canes. Here are some tips to limit this problem … (read article)

4/30/2014    Uncategorized

10 Signs Your Plants Have Fungus (What?!)

Say “fungus” when talking about gardening and many people will give you a puzzled look. However, use other, often more familiar terms, and eyes light up. Fungi include the following array … (read article)

10/23/2013    Uncategorized

Fighting Plant Diseases in the Garden

Strong, healthy plants are less susceptible to disease. To keep your plants healthy, take care of the basics first; this will make everything easier. You know, “An ounce of prevention. … (read article)

10/22/2013    Uncategorized