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It has been very hot, dry, and humid here in Rockport, Texas, this summer. My garden friends and I have discussed how much in minutes and how often to water … (read article)

8/15/2017    Garden Journals, Watering

Watering: How Much and When? (most folks get the basics wrong . . .)

Improper watering is the top cause of plant stress and the number killer of houseplants. Water needs vary dramatically depending on the type of plant, soil and location. Weather factors … (read article)

10/22/2013    Watering

Wetting Agents Save Time, Energy and Money in the Garden

Wetting agents, surfactants, spreader stickers – what are they? Gardeners who use liquid products are often troubled when their sprays rolls right off the leaf surfaces. Waxy-leafed plants are especially … (read article)

10/22/2013    Watering

Fungus Loves Water (no, this isn’t a romance story)

During the summer months, we see a significant bump in the number of gardeners who call with concerns that their plants have fungus.  Our problem solving starts with three questions: What time of day … (read article)

10/22/2013    Watering

Tips for Beautiful Water-Wise Gardens

Saving water and enjoying the environmental benefits of low water plants is easy. This thoughtful approach is built on some basic, commonsense principles.   Planning Talk to the professionals at … (read article)

10/22/2013    Watering