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Here it is the middle of March, 2019, and we are still enjoying the Temple and Blood oranges left in the refrigerator. The cold makes them even more delicious. Just last week we ate the last Rio Red Grapefruit.

When I moved here to the Rockport area of the South Texas coast in 2007, I decided to plant my garden inside an old oil berm left probably in the 1950s. The three foot high berm on the north side was an excellent place to plant fruit trees. I planted four citrus trees on the south side of the garden after raising the planting bed about a foot higher than the garden.

On the berm I planted a Nagami Kumquat. About 3 years later, I planted a second Kumquat south of the garden. I eat the small fruit skin, seed and all. After several cold fronts in December through February, The skin on the older tree is sweet with the fruit having a complex sweet tart orange flavor. The other tree was bland tasting until the later cold fronts enhanced a very sweet orange flavor.

I have two Rio Red Grapefruit trees. It is reported to be the sweetest best tasting of all the grapefruits. We ate them and gave them away as Christmas gifts this past holiday. My doctor’s nurse told me not eat them close to when I take my heart meds.

The thorny Mexican Lime, Clementine, and Temple Orange trees were Walmart specials that my wife found. While the Mexican Lime tree can be way too sticky intimate to pick when the fruit is ripe, it tastes better that the Key Lime or Persian Lime trees that I had.

The Clementine is a type of Mandarin Orange with a thin skin and juicy sweet delicious flavor. They get ripe in late November through December here on the coast. If you buy one, make sure it is seedless.

My wife picked out the Temple Orange because my mother said it was the best tasting orange she ever ate. We have found that to be true. They are best picked in late February. The Religious Temples of Asia used this bright golden fruit as a decoration.

The Myers Lemon is a hybrid of the citron and mandarin which gives it a sweeter somewhat less lemon flavor than regular lemons. We use it to make a Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing for salads.

The last citrus tree I bought was a Blood Orange. Hurricane Harvey blew away the first fruit on it in 2017. I found out that it tastes the best when picked in late February. It is harder to peel than most oranges, but I have been impressed by its inside beautiful deep maroon color and complex sweet flavor with a hint of raspberry. It is high in antioxidants.

All the citrus trees are blooming now. Their sweet aromatic perfume flows through my garden as I cultivate and plant my spring garden. The Myers Lemon has the prettiest flowers and most delightful perfume.

4/24/2019    Garden Journals