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Yes, I have complained about too much rain this past fall and present spring, which has raised the water table to where it is visible in the low areas next to my garden. However, the weekly rains have made my vegetables grow lush and rapidly. Of course, the various rich composts, sprinkling of liquid microbial concentrates with added molasses, and the regular spraying of Spray-N-Grow with Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer have contributed to these large leafed healthy plants.

On the first row are the watermelon and cantaloupe plants growing up and out of the fence. Next are the Itachi Cucumbers which are white, long, sweet, flavorful, crisp, and prolific. Inbetween the cucumbers and the large squash plants is one hold over Celebrity tomato plant from the fall. It was not winter damaged and has continued to grow and bear ripe tomatoes. After the squash was the one head of broccoli I grew from seed and 4 cone shaped heads of Caraflex mini cabbage. The heads we have eaten are sweet tender and crunchy. I highly recommend Caraflex for its flavor and quick growth. The rest of the row is lettuce going to a flower heads and white and tan bunching onions that need to be either eaten and/or separated into a larger space.

The second row has 36’ of Maxabell Bush Beans which are 7” filet beans growing on 24 plus inch plants loaded with blooms and beans. I have already picked over 6 gallons and they need to be picked again which is a challenge to my 78 year old knees even with knee pads. On the double row 14 foot hog fence wire trellis connected with poles and overhead horse wire fencing, I have Algarve and Fortex Pole Beans. The Algarve beans are 10” long flat beans without strings which have a wonderful beany flavor especially with ham or bacon to flavor. The Fortex beans are 11” pencil shaped, stringless filet beans that are productive over an extended harvest. All these beans will be good to plant again in the fall.

The third row consist of nine 5-6 foot tomato plants, several different pepper plants and the second pole bean trellis. I have a large Sun Sugar cherry tomato plant with large marble shaped clusters that are ripening to a gold color. I have 3 Celebrity tomato plants, two of which I bought at a nursery in January and repotted twice before planting in the row. They have many large tomatoes. I have a Harris Moran Tomato plant which replaces Tycoon. The green tomatoes on it are several shades whiter than the other tomatoes. I also have a Caspian Pink and Pink Girl tomato plants. Caspian Pink is not very prolific but it has passed several best tasting tests. The four giant Jalapeno plants I bought at a nursery in January have produce several poblano sized peppers that are thick walled and very hot.


-Herman Green

5/21/2019    Garden Journals