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January has provided a wonderful variety of vegetables from the garden and fruits from citrus trees for each of our three daily meals.

Tonight, we had turnip and mustard greens plus potlikker, jalapeno corn bread made with yellow corn meal, several slices of honey cured ham, and a Crunchy Salad.

The Crunchy Salad included bite sized slices of carrots, sugar snap peas, a jalapeno pepper, miniature ripe peppers, Solar Pride ripe tomatoes, green bunching onions, Daikon radishes, and Watermellon radishes. All these vegetables came out of my garden except the ripe peppers. Daikon radishes can grow to two feet long and remain solid, crunchy and mild. The Watermellon radish is best at baseball size. We peel off the outer layer of green/white skin leaving the beautiful deep burgundy large core which is sweet with a mild radish flavor.

My wife added a dressing made up of safflower oil, rice wine vinegar, a pack of Equal, plus salt and pepper.. I also like this Crunchy Salad dressed with my wife’s Lemon Vinaigrette. The recipe includes 1 cup of olive oil, 6 tablespoons of Myers Lemon juice, 1 large garlic clove 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon honey mustard, 2 pack of Equal or 2 tablespoons of honey, and add salt and pepper to taste. In fact, I like and use the Lemon Vinaigrette to enhance the flavor of many of other foods where my wife or I don’t add some form of hot pepper flavoring.

The gourmet leaf lettuce, savoyed spinach, white or yellow bunching onions, two kinds of radishes, tomatoes, carrots, and cut up ham or some other cured meat like smoked salmon plus various salad dressings have made for a delicious lunch this month.

Tomorrow I will shell about a gallon English Peas. My wife will cook some of them for dinner and freeze the rest for later. The turnip and mustard greens should last for almost another month. We will also be cooking and eating the baseball sized purple top turnips.

For breakfast, I have been using an antique glass citrus juicer to hand squeeze one Temple Orange and one clementine orange for my glass of orange juice. Then I cut in half a Rio Red Grapefruit and use a grapefruit knife to core out each half discarding the skin. Then I cut the grapefruit into wedges and spread 2 packs of Equal over it before eating it. I drink the juice from the bowl when my wife isn’t looking. Tomorrow I will use a Blood Orange for my juice.

Also, on tomorrow’s agenda is to mail a priority package to my Aunt Clarence in Roswell, NM for her 102 Birthday on February 4. The package will include Rio Red Grapefruit, Blood Oranges, Myers Lemons, and Purple Top Turnips.


 By Herman Green

2/5/2020    Garden Journals