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Full Sun in Texas is not the same as in Maine

We all have bought a plant with the tag that indicates it needs 6+ hours of full sun.  Unfortunately, plant information tags do not consider the vast differences in the temperature of full sun in various parts of our large country. 

I live and garden in Rockport, Texas situated on the Gulf Coast.  My daughter Marissa is moving to Portland, Maine.  She is an active gardener so I decided to compare the growing conditions in summer months for a plant needing 6+ hours of sun in my hometown versus her new town.

Rockport is actually a beach town that’s very close to the Texas Desert.  We have extreme summer heat from being a southern location, humidity from the warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico and very little rain.  Our temperatures in the summer are well over 90°. The low temperature is 80° which doesn’t allow plants time to recover from the heat. Average rainfall is about 35” but unfortunately not much falls during gardening season with less than two inches per month.  The humidity is oppressive in the summer, often from 80-95%.  It also very windy in Rockport, with average wind speeds over 12 mph.  

Conversely, Portland, Maine is also a coastal town but located in the farthest northeastern part of our country. The high temperature in the summer ranges from 68 t0 78° with lows temperatures from 52-62°. The average rainfall is the summer months is almost 4 inches. The humidity is low at 26% with average wind speed of about 5 mph.  

Obviously, the differences in summer weather between Rockport, Texas and Portland, Maine are very significant, but it speaks to the topic of my blog.  Six plus hours of full sun is not the same across our vast country.   I limited my full sun plants to 6 hours, water daily and try to keep them out of the wind.  Marissa will certainly have gardening challenges in Portland.  Too many hours of very hot sun will mostly likely not be an issue.


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6/25/2019    Garden Journals