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Gardening Lessons From My Cell Phone

As you may know from my prior blogs, I grow all my plants in containers and elevated raised beds. The flowers live on the upstairs deck. The vegetables and herbs are on the downstairs patio along with some deer resistant perennials.

Both areas have interesting sun patterns. The downstairs patio does not get any direct sun until about 1:00 p.m. Then it gets full Texas sun until about 7 pm in the summer. Those plants get six hours of full sun so it’s the perfect spot for vegetables and my native Texas plants.

The upstairs deck gets varying amounts of sun. It’s been challenging to decide where to plant or place the different varieties that I grow. It also took a gardening failure. I planted rose bushes in large pots on either side of my elevated flower bed. One grew well and one did not.

I suspected that sun patterns and the growth of trees next to my deck were perhaps the issue. I took cell phone photos of the sun on my deck in early morning, at noon, mid-afternoon and about 6 pm.

The end of the deck gets morning sun. But about 1 pm, part of this area is shaded by a lovely tree while the remaining area gets an additional two-three hours of afternoon sun. Another area of the deck gets full sun from 12-3 pm.

Armed with this information, I planted similar but different looking varieties in large pots next to the flower bed. On the left side, I planted an African Iris, which needs only morning sun. For the very sunny right side, I chose Agapanthus Peter Pan. Both plants are thriving with the proper amount of sun and liberal applications of the Perfect Blend.

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6/4/2019    Garden Journals