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Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil

If you were trapped with insufficient food and water, could you be your best? How about if there was little light, dusty stale air and not enough room to grow?

Plants are rooted to the soil, so they have only what’s available to them in that one spot. It’s up to you to help them thrive, to give them what they need.

The most common reason plants fail to thrive is poor soil. Soil that is depleted of humus and microbes due to use of synthetic fertilizers and misuse of synthetic pesticides. Compacted from people walking on it, and driving mowers and wheelbarrows over it. Just adding more fertilizer from the big box store won’t fix this.

Examine your soil and you’ll see a wide variety of animal and plant life, mostly beneficial. Scoop soil from your garden and you’ll probably find insects, millipedes, mites, earthworms, nematodes, slugs, snails and spiders. Get out the microscope and you’ll find soil organisms include algae, bacteria and fungi. These organisms act both chemically and physically to change your garden. They decompose stems, leaves and other landscape residues by digesting plant residues and other organic matter enzymatically and move the residues from one place to another mixing it with the soil.

Plants rely on healthy soil for development of stem strength and so much more.

Using natural and organic products helps restore your soil to health and improves the performance of your plants. We recommend the following products to boost soil vigor.

Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients In addition to supplying micronutrients directly to plants for absorption through the leaves, this complex increases beneficial microbial life in your soil. Larger microbial populations results in greater enzymatic activity and the digested soil nutrients become readily available to your plants.

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer – Containing natural and organic nutrients, this cold-cooked blend supports both your soil and your plants. While feeding your plants, this fertilizer creates conditions for increased microbial and enzymatic activity in the soil. (Most fertilizers, including the big name ones, do just the opposite.) Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is the highest quality, most complete organic fertilizer on the market.

Gro-Bric – These easy to store, stack and carry coconut coir bricks increase your soil’s water and oxygen capacity to stimulate root growth. Gro-Brics deliver benefits similar to those of peat moss without impacting soil pH and with no harmful effects on the peat bogs that help serve as nature’s water filtering systems.

Texas Greensand – This easy to work in granular supplement reconditions your soil by providing iron and other minerals.

10/22/2013    Fertilizing: Feed Me, Soil & Compost: It All Starts Here