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How to Build a One Plant Cucumber Trellis

I love our Elevated Garden Planters and have two on my patio. The 22” tall bed has three peppers, two oregano plants and marigolds (to discourage bugs from eating my peppers). The taller bed (34”) has a crocked neck squash, long necked squash, two zucchini plants, a cucumber plant plus marigolds. I planted these beds in mid February.

All of my plants are sprayed with the Perfect Blend about every 7-10 days depending whether I am in town. I am our family’s spokesperson on HSN so I travel quite a bit. After returning from a recent trip, I was surprised and very excited how much my plants had grown. But there was a problem. I forgot that cucumbers need a trellis to grow well and could not find one to fit in my Elevated Planter.

I thought perhaps I could build one strong enough to support heavy cucumbers (lots with the Perfect Blend!) and small enough to fit in the bed. Our customer service rep Vicki Bringnon and I designed a cucumber trellis using 1” x 1” wood stakes, bamboo supports and zip ties. I built it on our conference between meetings, calls and working on the May catalog. It only took about one hour and was easily to install. The bed is next to a wood wall so the cucumber trellis can be supported should it necessary.

The phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, certainly applies to gardeners!

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4/3/2017    Garden Design