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Snakes! Eeeeek! Go Away!

Snakes give most people the creeps. It’s a fact.

Fear of snakes tops the “fears” list in the U.S. and is far more wide spread than other common phobias such as public speaking, heights and spiders. Snakes’ reptilian looks, slithery movements and even how they “smell” with their tongues are, for most, odd, foreign and off-putting.

While many nature lovers agree that having snakes on your property helps reduce the number of mice, rats and other rodents in residence, sometimes these reptiles just aren’t welcome. Venomous species, varieties that raid backyard birdhouses and, for those who just don’t like them – any kind of snakes – well, they simply have to go.

To clarify, we’re not suggesting killing them. Just moving them along, persuading them to go curl up elsewhere.

Irritate and Offend

In recent years, eco-friendly producers have developed effective natural snake repellents, mixtures designed to drive away, rather than injure or kill. These products incorporate organic snake deterrents, ingredients that irritate and are offensive, including cinnamon, cedar and clove oil.  These blends trigger an avoidance response.  (Happily, the best of these products do not include substances like naphthalene, the main ingredient in mothballs, which has been linked to cataracts, anemia and cancer in humans.)


How Do These Products Work?

A snake “smells” by picking up airborne scent particles with its tongue and depositing them in its Jacobson’s organ, an olfactory chemoreceptor located in the back of the mouth. This is why a snake flicks its tongue in and out; it is gathering nearby smells. Natural snake repellents are formulated to smell unpleasant to a snake, encouraging it to avoid the area.

So before you grab a shovel, believing that’s the only way to rid your shed, woodpile or foundation of snakes, try a less deadly approach. Give natural and organic snake repellents a try!


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10/23/2013    Animal Repellent Tips