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This past 10 months we have had so much rain here in Rockport, TX, that the water table kept the 6’ wide 2’ deep ditch, running through my front yard, holding water until two weeks ago. This past week, I mowed the ditch for the first time since last September. Needless to say grasses have grown very high especially in areas that have held water.

My garden this time of year only has thirty 6-12’ okra plants and a few drying up peppers plants. It also has grasses that have grown over two feet since I pulled up most of the garden plants in early June. Otherwise, I have fences, citrus trees, Oak mottes, and the yard edges on my 1.5 acres that need to be weedeated regularly.

A few years back I bought a 4 cycle gas engine weed eater. The gas and oil are not mixed in a 4 cycle engine. It is more powerful and uses a larger diameter line than the 2 cycle weed eaters I had bought before which used a gas/oil mixture. The 2 cycle engines also usually became difficult to start or keep running after a year or two. The problems I had with the 4 cycle engine is that it is heavy and tiring to use. It also began leaking oil after the first year. They are expensive to have repaired.

I recently bought an 80 volt 2.5 amp cordless electric weed eater. It weighs less than the 4 cycle gas weed eater and about the same as the larger 2 cycle weed eaters. It is quieter and doesn’t pollute my nose or the atmosphere. It has lo/hi speeds with a variable trigger, plus an easy load head with a 16” cut and a .95 diameter line. I bought an extra battery and a new more supportive shoulder strap harness. The battery will last about an hour on low and about 45 minutes on high. Recharging the battery takes about an hour. In our 90 degree sun, the battery will get hot and need to cool down before it will start to recharge.

We have a community wooden fence between my yard and the highway along Copano Bay. The grass on the highway ditch area was mowed last week and I mowed the tall grasses and wild flowers on my 1/3 acre area during the same week. The 2 1/2’ thick grass clumps between the fence posts needed weed eating. I used the high setting on the cordless weed eater. It was as powerful as the 4 cycle gas weed eater without the head balling up with grass and freezing. The battery ran out of juice after about 45 minutes and I needed to cool off because there was not a dry thread on my shirt. The second battery and I lasted about another 45 minutes. I was ready to come in and shower. The fence and yard area look great except for the piles of drying grasses which mother-nature will compost.

If my wife wanted a cordless weed eater, I would probably buy her a 24 volt weed eater. It would be light enough for her to use in small areas. She would say, “Why do I need a weed eater, I have you?”


Herman Green

8/14/2019    Garden Journals