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Knee High By the Fourth of July

The fourth of July always reminds me of my grandfather, Bill Stewart. He was a farmer in Marissa, Illinois. He raised a few cows and grew soybeans and corn. The expression used in the title of my journal is an old farming adage. If your corn was tall as your knees on the 4th of July, you would have a good crop that year.

Marissa, Illinois is 1,000 miles from my home in Rockport, Texas, 1,300 miles from Portland, Maine and almost 2,000 miles from Los Angeles, California. Corn is grown in 41 of the 50 states. But the planting dates, harvest dates and the height of corn on the 4th of July would be vastly different in each of these states.

The United States is a huge country with large differences in frost dates, temperatures, rainfall and types of soil. Yet we often grow the same plants, just at different times of year. Some of us have to water constantly because we get very little rain. Some of us battle fungus because it rains constantly.

The common thread among these gardeners is this great big country we call home: we love to grow plants. We have good years and those that are disappointing. We experience the thrill of amazing tomatoes and the defeat of losing plants to disease, insects or even hail.

Because Spray-N-Grow offers our amazing products throughout the US, we speak to gardeners from very state. We share in your successes and try to help you solve the problems with your plants. We are grateful and very blessed that you trust us with your plants.

Here’s to “knee high on the 4th of July” with all of your gardening endeavors.

Until next time,

7/5/2017    Garden Journals