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Life After Harvey

Spray-N-Grow is located in the beautiful small town of Rockport, Texas.  Rockport took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey early Saturday morning, August 26. The Spray-N-Grow offices and warehouse were destroyed, but we are rebuilding.

Our staff is working from a temporary office we set up in Bill’s living room/dining room (see photo).  We were able to set up our computers, the internet, some tables, our copier and even our server. Sadly, we do not have a phone system, but are thankful for cell phones. (especially after several weeks with no service

Eighty percent of the buildings in Rockport suffered damage from the storm. Thirty five percent of those  were completely destroyed.  Among our small staff, one family’s home was destroyed, one had significant damage that will take months to repair and the rest of us need new roofs, flooring, and other repairs. Amazingly, this group of people is strong and has a remarkable attitude. We are blessed that all of us and our families were safe during and after the storm.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where people come together and help one another.

Although we are not processing orders now, we are hard at work. Important projects include the Early Spring 2018 catalog.  The catalogs will be mailed the 3rd week on January.  All of your favorite Spray-N-Grow products will be joined by some great new products.  We are also busy developing our new website which will debut in January as well.

Our staff members are also wearing other hats this fall.  We are learning a lot about wind insurance, demolition, building plans, temporary office trailers and construction. Who knew there were wind engineers?

We are so grateful for your notes of support, your patience, understanding and your thoughts and prayers as we rebuild. We are looking forward to getting back to the garden and hope to meet you there.

Please follow our progress at

—The Spray-N-Grow Family

11/10/2017    Garden Journals