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My New Way of Buying Plants

I always have loved shopping for plants.  It’s usually an all day trip to various stores and garden centers in Rockport and neighboring towns.  Almost like a scavenger hunt, searching for the perfect plants for my contain gardens.

For some reason, when the Burpee catalog arrived this year, I spent more time browsing through the pages.  I have always loved looking at their plants and dreaming of my new gardens.  However, I have never ordered from Burpee because I thought their plants were only sold in three packs. I garden in containers and have limited space, I do not want to grow three of the same tomato, pepper or herb.

This year, I was excited to discover that Burpee has a program called Mix & Match Plants. It changed how I shopped for my vegetable and herbs.   Their selection of tomatoes, peppers and herbs is much more extensive than any store in my area.   It was also very convenient to shop from my couch instead of driving the 45 miles to my favorite garden center.

Mostly, it was so much fun. I confess I spent hours reading about each of the tomato, pepper and herb plants. It spurred research on the advantages of hybrid vs. heirloom and what is an All-America Selections award winner (more on both in a future blog).

In the end, I selected four tomatoes and four peppers in exciting varieties that are totally new to me. I also ordered 16 herb plants including four different basil varieties.  My plants ship next week.  It’s time to get my elevated beds and pots ready for my new plants.

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3/1/2018    Garden Journals