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At Spray-N-Grow, we divide the gardening season into three parts: dream, plant and love. I am starting the dream phase. As gardeners, we often spend as much time dreaming about our gardens as we do actually gardening. We pour over catalogs, browse on line and stop by the plant stores long before they have plants. Then we spend hours (at least I do!) shopping for perfect mix of plants once they arrive in the stores. 

The dream phase is much more than planning, although it definitely includes it. It’s more setting the stage for the love phase. In May, how do I want my upstairs deck, which are my flower and herb gardens, to look. Amazing comes to mind! With an explosion of different colors, lots of blooms and wonderful fragrances. 

My downstairs patio is my vegetable garden with a few flowers to add color. So here it all starts with what do I want to eat this summer and fall. Dreaming about food is a nice past time and often includes checking out new recipes. Yum. 

Some of my dreaming includes considering plants that are simply very hard to grow in pots or in South Texas. Or looking for pots that are lovely but not necessarily practical. But dreaming is supposed to be inspirational not practical. There’s plenty of time in the planting phase for a reality check. 

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1/9/2019    Garden Journals