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New Year, New Gardens

I have always felt that good things come from situations in my life that are not good.  Like a Hurricane. Category 4.  Direct hit on my town, my home, the Spray-N-Grow office and warehouse.

My home is repaired, the warehouse is almost rebuilt and office will be finished in May.  It’s a rebirth of sorts.   My home is nicer than before the storm.  Our warehouse is bigger and better and the office will be brand new with offices with walls and doors (we were in cubbies before).

With our planting date only six weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about “my gardens”. Most of my plants died, my elevated beds were crushed by a wall and many pots were broken.  I am starting over and confess I am actually excited about the process.

Even though I only grow plants in containers, I still have “gardens”.  I have three of the elevated beds that we sell – one upstairs on the deck and two on the downstairs patio.  They are like “beds on legs”.  I congregate the pots into areas so they become a garden.

In the past, I grew vegetables on the patio and flowers and herbs on the deck. It was all very organized. This year, I am going to mix it all up.  There is serious deer pressure downstairs so I plan to combine flowering plants with herbs that deer don’t like in the same pot.  I am adding more railing planters upstairs, reducing the number pots and putting more plants in each pot.  Instead of growing the same plants as in past years, I am going to look for new varieties, new colors and new challenges.  I am going to try growing roses!

I can’t wait to get back in the garden!

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1/19/2018    Garden Journals