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Oh My Vincas!

I am in love with my bed of vincas.

They are planted in an elevated bed on my upstairs deck. I can see them from my bedroom and living room and they make me smile every single day. Big, wide, happy smiles. It is impossible to be sad, worried or tired looking at them.

This is the first time I have grown a full bed of vincas. I tend to prefer perennials because you buy them once and enjoy them for years. Since I am replacing a majority of my plants this season, I browsed the selection of annuals at our local Wal-Mart. I was surprised at the health, size and number of blooms of the vincas in 4” pots. The price was ridiculously low so five of them ended up in my basket. A definite impulse purchase.

I planted them in late March and spray them with the Perfect Blend. They are watered daily and get about 10 hours of Texas morning, afternoon and evening sun. Did I mention it was hot? Today the heat index is 99º. They are as fresh as a … vinca!

What I didn’t know is that vincas love the heat. They have cheerful white, pink and magenta blooms. There is no deadheading with vincas (deadheading is my absolutely my least favorite gardening activity). Their glossy, deep green leaves do not yellow even if I am late watering on a given day. Even in 90% humidity and the aforementioned late watering, they do not get fungus.

Even though it has been nine months since our town was hit by Hurricane Harvey, we are still recovering. We have learned to find joy in even the simplest thing. Like my vincas.

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6/14/2018    Garden Journals