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Recharging Potting Soil

Soil in pots, containers, and raised or elevated beds is more quickly depleted of nutrients than garden soil. Both are depleted by plants using nutrients but potting soil does not benefit from the soil food web like natural soil in a garden, yard, a forest or even farmland. In natural soil, soil is improved by beneficial bacteria, algae and other natural organisms and animals. My nerdy, science-loving sister, Natalie, will explain the soil food web in future blog post.

Winter weather also depletes soil nutrients. We actually had winter weather this year in Rockport. It snowed, we had an ice storm, and experienced very cold temperatures on too many days to count. This is not normal for Rockport, located on the coast of Texas.

Even though the soil in my elevated beds was new in the fall of 2017, it looked depleted when I was ready to plant in March. Although the Perfect Blend is the most important source of nutrients for my plants, I decided I would recharge the soil in containers instead of replacing it. Recharging involves adding nutrients and beneficial bacteria and fungi. Gardeners often add nutrients to garden soil but not beneficial bacteria and fungi.

I created my own custom Soil Recharge recipe with Soil Optimizer, Wonder Soil, Root Rescue and Actinovate.

Soil Optimizer is compost that has been decomposed for millions of years. It is pellets so it’s easy to mix into exiting soil. It’s a Spray-N-Grow customer favorite.

Wonder Soil adds worm castings, kelp, humus, compost, mycorrhizae, coir and water-saving polymers.Root Rescue is a hyper concentration of 18 species of mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi boost plants’

immune system, protecting them from soil-borne diseases.

Actinovate is made from beneficial bacteria that stops fungal diseases from developing and protects plants from roots to leaves.

My plants have grown and produced very well this year and have been healthy. I give most of the credit to a combination of a cool spring, watering during the day and the Perfect Blend. But I think recharging my soil contributed to my lovely container garden.

Until next time, Melanie

6/7/2018    Garden Journals