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In the spring of 2016, my wife and I took a trip to Ft. Myers, Florida to visit with Harvette’s sister and her husband. They had a new RV which they had permanently located there for the winter. My sister-in-law, Nancy, had many beautiful plants and flowers growing. I told her about my using Spray-N-Grow. It was there at a tropical nursery that a dried leaf of an Allspice Tree accidentally fell into my raincoat pocket. Best smelling pocket I ever had. I bought an Allspice tree last year in Corpus Christi after the hurricane destroyed my Persian Lime Tree. The Allspice Tree lived through the winter. Well, I got sidetracked. Nancy did ordered some Spray-N-Grow for her plants.

When Nancy got back to their house on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, they put that house up for sale. They have since bought a house near Johnson City, Tennessee so she can be near her son and new granddaughter. She has been bragging about how beautiful her flowers are and she sent me photos to prove it. She blames, no attributes, all the beauty and growth to the Spray-N-Grow combo. I have included some of those photos for you to see. She recently ordered catalogs for 2 of her friends.

Nancy’s son is a Radiologist in Johnson City. He lives in Piney Flats near his mother. He was using Spray-N-Grow on his Azaleas and Roses with wonderful results. Unfortunately, he and his wife have a new large rescue dog who according to Nancy treats the Azaleas and Roses as a salad. No, I don’t think Spray-N-Grow is the salad dressing.

My son, Byron who live in the Clear Lake area of Houston grows several varieties of orchids and has citrus trees in pots. He likes using the Spray-N-Grow combo on the orchids because it is so easy to use. His backyard patio is a very colorful sight to behold. I will send some of those photos at another time. I have also recommended Spray-N- Grow to my friends who have a green thumbs. They also report good results.

So, what about my own flower beds and Harvette’s flowering pots? I am an organic gardener. I spray the garden and then the citrus trees first. Very often, I am tired and hot during the summer and the flower beds and pots spraying is put off until another time. The Rockport 2018 HummerBird Celebration is September 13-16. We are a hummer home and Harvette will have out about 25 feeders. You are invited to visit. Our yard and trees will be full of buzzing and fussing Ruby Throated Hummingbirds plus some Black Chinned and our native Buff-bellied Hummingbirds. Harvette wants as many flowering plants blooming as much as possible. I think I am in trouble. Excuse me while I get the Spray-N-Grow ready to use after it cools down this afternoon.

-Herman Green

8/29/2018    Garden Journals