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Spring Forward

It’s that time again! The days are getting longer, seedlings are sprouting in trays and garden boxes, and my pomegranate, fig, and pear trees are starting to dress themselves in fresh greenery. It’s a season of rebirth and renewal, and I am so glad it’s here.

Half a year ago, Hurricane Harvey blew in and turned our lives root-over-leaf. The initial chaos of making sure everyone was safe and then assessing damage was followed by the sober, lengthy process of rebuilding our little world. Though I no longer live in the seaside town of Rockport myself, the storm’s impact on my family and friends extended to me here in Waco. I’ll be honest; I didn’t handle the stress very well. I became overwhelmed and let things slip, and the worst of these was my garden. I did not put in the time to keep it up as I ought, and as autumn came to a close I ended up with an overgrowth of grass and weeds, instead of good food and beautiful flowers. But there is no use crying over a spent season, and I don’t intend to. Instead, I am taking advantage of the cycle of nature to start again fresh. I think this may be my best garden yet! Stay tuned to see my progress over the coming season. In the meantime, get stocked up on whatever you need so that you can get out and garden as soon as spring rolls up to your door.


4/5/2018    Garden Journals