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Succulents having a very long moment in the sun

Succulents have become the cool kid in the garden during the last couple of years. Honestly, I thought the trend would wane, but the popularity of succulents is only growing (pun intended).

Why are succulents so popular? First, they are easy to grow, don’t require a great deal of maintenance, can be grown outside or indoors and are usually compact.

I decided to add a succulent dish garden to my upstairs deck. However, I was shocked at the cost of buying one that was already planted. It appears popularity has a significant impact on prices!

I put my Master Gardeners skills to work to plant a custom succulent container garden with a trip to the local Lowes. I started with a Terra Cotta Clay Low Bowl Plants ($10.98) and a bag of Cactus Potting Mix ($4.58). At this point my DIY home decorating persona took over and I selected (after way too much thought), six very different and yet amazing succulents at $2.98 each. At this point, I now understood the high cost of the pre-planted garden but it was too late to turn back.

Fast forward five months, and at look the photos of my stunning custom-made, grown with love and Spray-N-Grow, succulent garden. I love it. That pre-planted garden would have never given me the satisfaction and pride I feel each time I walk out on my deck and see the one I created.

Isn’t this why we garden? It’s certainly not to save money.

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9/11/2019    Garden Journals