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I planted my tomato seeds under the grow light the week after Christmas here in Rockport, Texas. I planted the plants in the garden during the first week in February using round 18” tall plastic Walls of Water with a tomato cage inside to keep it erect. The Walls of Water are miniature greenhouses with 18 tubes of water which are heated by the sun. They heat the ground, warm the roots, and keep the plants warm even on cool nights. On February 23rd, I took the Walls of Water off because most nights are now over 60 degrees and the tomatoes were 6-10 inches over the tops of the Walls of Water. The plants had grown so fast that they fell over. I hilled dirt around each plant and returned the tomato cages to support keeping the plants upright..

I started using Walls of Water when I lived in El Paso, Texas during the 1980s. The last freeze date there is around April 15. I would set out my tomato and pepper plants in mid-February in Walls of Water. There were times that the tops of the Walls of Water were frozen, but the plants inside were not hurt.

The Walls of Water can also be used to harden off new plants that have not been outside by putting empty Walls of Water around the plants. Tomato cages or sticks can be used to keep the Walls of Water around the plant without falling in on the plant.

The Walls of Water Repair Kits are helpful when a leak develops in one of the tubes after a few seasons of use.

By Herman Green

3/8/2017    Garden Journals