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Wetting Agents Save Time, Energy and Money in the Garden

Wetting agents, surfactants, spreader stickers – what are they?

Wetting agents help liquid products stick to foliage instead of just dripping off.

Gardeners who use liquid products are often troubled when their sprays rolls right off the leaf surfaces. Waxy-leafed plants are especially frustrating because it appears nothing is penetrating the surfaces and the liquid is just dripping off.

There’s a way to address this problem. It’s with the use of a wetting agent, a substance that sits between the liquid spray and the solid leaf, providing a bit of binding to help the spray stick and stay put.


Developed for Use with Spray-N-Grow. Safe to Use with Any Nutrient Garden Spray.

Coco-Wet is an organic wetting agent that was formulated to make Spray-N-Grow stick and therefore work better.  Coco-Wet is made from coconut oil, and is nontoxic, biodegradable and water soluble.  This inexpensive product improves wetting, sticking and absorption of any gardening product to which it is added. You can safely use it to enhance the effectiveness of any number of garden sprays.


Ionic and Nonionic

Our Spray-N-Grow label specifies “When using a wetting agent with Spray-N-Grow, it must be nonionic”. What does that mean?  Basically, “ionic” refers to the electrical charge of a compound. The safest and most versatile type of wetting agent is nonionic or neutral, with no electrical charge. A nonionic agent can be mixed with anything, whether the other product is positive (cationic) or negative (anionic).

Many garden nutrition products are more effective if used with a wetting agent.

Coco-Wet is easy to use, and it saves time and money. When mixed with Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer, it’s an important part of The Perfect Blend kit, and an easy way to make your plants sing with color and vibrancy.

Okay, chemistry class is over. Whew.



10/22/2013    Watering