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Why I Garden

It’s so hot in Rockport, Texas that both the people and the plants are wilting. Because my plants are all in containers, watering is always a daily task. Now, it’s also a chore – the heat, the humidity and the mosquitoes are relentless. It makes me think carefully about how many plants I grow and exactly why I grow them!

Many people think I garden because my family is in the gardening business. It’s why I became a Master Gardener so I would be as knowledge as possible. But gardening is really a personal to me. It brings me joy, keeps me active while not on a treadmill, and gives me a feeling of great accomplishment. I love getting dirty which surprises most people who know me. My favorite color is “new leave green”. It’s also therapeutic and good for the soul.

I have gardened for 40 years in several cities and towns in different parts of the U.S. Many years ago I planted a fall vegetable garden in Edison, New Jersey. My neighbors thought I was the crazy woman from Texas. My family enjoyed broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower until Thanksgiving. My pansies grew and flourished in the snow! I was hooked!

When my daughters were young and still at home, I mostly grew flowering plants. With limited time and a very shady background, growing vegetables was too much of a challenge. I learned that I preferred perennials over annuals, that deer will eat anything and pruning is an art.

Now an empty nester with a very sunny patio, I have fallen in love again – growing vegetables! (See my journal entry “Beauty is in the eye of the gardener”). It’s like growing flowers but you get something to eat too.
Do I love gardening every day? No, but it’s cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!

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7/10/2017    Garden Design, Garden Journals