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You Can Garden Anywhere

Welcome to my gardening Blog. I am Melanie Lyon, Bill’s oldest daughter. There isn’t a time in my life that I don’t remember gardening with someone in my family. Of course, my dad was an avid gardener but I remember helping my grandmother Edith. She loved red tulips!.

Today, I am an empty nester with grown daughters and have downsized into a condo. While I LOVE growing plants, I was not a huge fan of growing grass! Rockport, Texas is located in on the Gulf Coast with lots of heat, wind and not enough rain. It took a lot of time, energy and money to have a lawn and I decided all of it could be better spent on plants that give me flowers, vegetables and herbs.

So I sold my house with the big yard and found a great condo with both an upstairs deck and downstairs patio. Both are large enough to grow vegetables including squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. I grow 10 varieties of herbs plus lots of annuals and perennials. I also have a cute front porch with annuals and green plants. I have full sun on both the patio and deck and morning sun on the porch so I can grow more at my condo than I could in the shade covered yard at my house.

During the past two years, I have learned a lot about growing plants in containers.
▪ I like traditional terra cotta pots. They hold moisture but don’t trap it like plastic and don’t topple over in our windy weather. They are affordable too.
▪ Use good potting soil. I mix in both Wonder Soil and GroBrics with a locally produced soil.
▪ Plants grown in containers need lots of nutrition since the soil doesn’t benefit from soil microbes. (I will get my sister Natalie to guest Blog on Soil Food Web). I use the Perfect Blend every week. It provides plants both NPK and micronutrients.
▪ Containers need lots of water as they dry out faster than garden beds. I water at least daily in the summer, sometimes twice a day.
▪ As plants mature, they often need to be transplanted to a larger pot. Be ready to “bump up” your plants.
▪ No weeding! Okay, maybe I pull 20 weeds a year but that’s much less than in traditional beds.
▪ Not as much bending and kneeling. My elevated beds are at 22” and 36”. I use a table to plant most of my pots so container gardening is easier on my back and knees.

Time to get back outside!
From my (container) garden to yours,

3/6/2017    Starting Out